Sustainability is one of the great commitments of Alicante Port of Departure for the Sailing Tour of the World. On this occasion we will have the collaboration of the “The Ocean Cleanup” Foundation, which has launched a unique cleaning system that aims to reduce plastics in water masses and eliminate the 250,000 tons that inhabit the marine ecosystem.


To this end, its founder, Boyan Slat, has launched a passive and large-scale method to remove solid waste from ocean gyres within a range of 12 kilometers.


The method consists of a stabilized floating system with an anchor at a depth of approximately 600 meters and a screen that is located under the flotation tube that traps and collects solid waste. These U-shaped systems sail aimlessly and will concentrate the waste in a central point from where it can be extracted and returned to land.


«The Ocean Cleanup» will be present at the Race Village in Alicante Port of Departure. During its four days, visitors will be able to enjoy an exhibition of large panels that illustrate the magnitude of this great plastic elimination project.


In addition, the exhibition has an “environmentally sustainable” format in which the public will be able to recycle packaging while watching the images and contribute to the reduction of plastic. For this, in the lower part of the structure on which the exhibition will be built, there will be some yellow containers that will invite recycling.


A way to actively raise public awareness about the importance of this problem, which predicts that by 2020 the production of plastic will have increased by 900% and further harm marine species.