In this edition of Alicante Puerto de Salida, we will have 9 workshops that will deal with the nautical world, environmental protection and the oceans. All these activities have been designed in collaboration with the NGO The Isbjorn Collective, specialized in Marine Sustainability.


These workshops will be held every day the Ocean Live Park is open from 10 am to 8 pm, except for the Try Sailing workshop (check schedules).

Workshop: The sea of plastics.
Through a fun fishing game, this workshop aims to raise awareness among children about the care of seas and oceans.


Workshop: Healthy eating.
In this activity, children will become familiar with healthy eating through experimentation with the cultivation and development of plants.


Workshop: Full Sail!
It consists of the creation of boats using recycled materials with which participants will compete through channels.


Workshop: Oceanic Posidonia.
This workshop consists of reusing materials to transmit the benefits of recycling in the environment, as well as the importance of Posidonia in the oxygenation and regeneration of the marine environment.


Workshop: Dancing jellyfish.
Exercise that seeks to encourage creativity through creation using recycled materials.


Workshop: Man overboard!
Activity with which participants can be aware of the importance of safety on board nautical vessels and the dangers of the sea.


Workshop: Climate emergency.
This workshop aims to raise awareness and sensitize children on how to change their habits to combat the climate emergency. Thus, through a fun game of questions and answers, we will awaken their interest by showing them small habits that help to protect the environment.


Workshop: Good environmental practices.
Participants will learn to differentiate the different types of waste and in which recycling containers they should go through a playful team activity.


Workshop: Try Sailing.
The nautical didactic experience workshop “Try Sailing” seeks to encourage the interest of young people (and not so young), in the nautical and sporting world.
Participants will be able to put themselves in the shoes of a sailor thanks to a theoretical and practical approach to the world of sailing.
January 7, 8 and 14: from 10h15 to 17h15.
From January 9 to 13: from 13h15 to 17h15.