The SPTCV agreement with the UA and the UMH for the Volunteering of ‘Alicante Puerto de Salida

The Society of Thematic Projects of the Valencian Community (SPTCV) and the Universities of Alicante (UA) and Miguel Hernández de Elche (UMH) have formalized the collaboration agreement to regulate the conditions of the Volunteer Program that will attend the event in Alicante Puerto de Exit, which will be launched on the occasion of the start of The Ocean Race regatta that will depart from Alicante on January 15.

The president of The Ocean Race, Richard Brisius; the vice-rector for Equality, Inclusion and Social Responsibility of the University of Alicante (UA), Eva Espinar Ruiz, the vice-rector for Inclusion, Sustainability and Sports of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH), Raúl Reina Vaíllo, and the Deputy Director of SPTCV, Rufino Selva.

During the signing, all the parties have expressed their satisfaction at participating again in this initiative, after the success of the collaboration established in previous editions of the Sailing Tour of the World, and their excellent willingness to collaborate again jointly. in the development of different collaborative actions for the organization of the ‘Alicante 2022-2023 Port of Exit’ Event.

The role of universities

Richard Bisius recalled that from The Ocean Race “100 days after the start of the Sailing Round the World, we are looking forward to January to receive the volunteers of the great family that is The Ocean Race and to be able to share with them the passion and adventure of this unique event”.

Volunteers are the face of the regatta everywhere, and they play a key role in introducing and explaining The Ocean Live Park activities to visitors and keeping the entire event running.”

For her part, Eva Espinar underlined the role given by the University of Alicante to volunteer programs as part of student training. “It represents an opportunity to acquire values ​​beyond the classroom, such as teamwork or sustainability, as well as experiences that will be useful to them throughout their lives.” For this reason, he added that the UA “values ​​very positively the leading role that volunteers have in the Volvo Ocean Race”.

Raúl Reina has expressed himself along the same lines, emphasizing the importance for the UMH of participating in the campaign to recruit volunteers for the Tour of the World Departure, an event with which he shares the essential values ​​of the defense inclusion, sustainability and sport.

University Volunteer Program

Likewise, Rufino Selva highlighted that there are already more than 250 people enrolled in the volunteer program and that, thanks to the collaboration of the two universities, it is expected to have another 200 more people.

This volunteer recruitment campaign is open to all citizens, who can request their participation at the following link.

In the same way, he thanked all the parties for their willingness to collaborate in this initiative and the importance of the Volunteering program “to generate a true team with the entire city and with all the institutions around this test”.

The motto of the university volunteer program is #TalentoEnMovimiento, a hashtag that perfectly complements the motto of the promotional campaign around Alicante Puerto de Salida, which invites everyone to “go around the world with us”, Rufino Selva commented.


Both the UA and the UMH contemplate collaboration through this type of agreement with entities related to sport and the organization of sporting events, whether for healthy purposes, equality and inclusion, leisure or competition.

Through these projects, the two academic institutions and their university community work to be key players in the promotion of sport in the nearby towns where any of their campuses are located, especially in the university sphere, achieving synergies with sports entities in their environment. and society in general.

The commitment of the UA and UMH

The UA and UMH universities commit to:

  1. Allow the placement of informative material of the volunteering campaign for “Alicante 2022-2023 Port of Departure for the Sailing Tour of the World”, on the campuses of the University of Alicante and the UMH, during the recruitment period for volunteering.
  2. Promote the volunteer program “Alicante 2022-2023 Port of Departure for the Sailing Tour of the World” through the UA and UMH web pages and their social networks, also allowing the insertion of links to the web page of the volunteer program of “Alicante 2022-2023 Port of Departure of the Round the World Sailing”.
  3. Facilitate the selection of around 100 volunteers each, according to the guidelines set by “Alicante 2022-2023 Port of Departure of the Sailing Tour of the World”, to collaborate in the organization of all the actions aimed at the celebration of the event that It will take place from January 7 to 15, 2023.
  4. Recognize the participation of UA students in the activities subject to this agreement, up to a maximum of 2 credits of free choice or credits of transversal competences at a rate of 25 hours per credit or corresponding fraction according to the procedure established by the Governing Council of this University.
  5. Carrying out as many actions as all parties, by mutual agreement, consider to be of interest.

SPTCV’s commitment

For its part, SPTCV undertakes to:

  1. Facilitate and allow the dissemination to the UA and the UMH of informative brochures or promotional material that both institutions deem appropriate, to encourage volunteering (promotion and training) actions carried out by this Organism.
  2. Inform university students of the organization, design and execution of a Volunteer Plan for the event that is the object of this agreement.
  3. Provide the selected volunteers with adequate training for participation in the Event, with content of interest for their cross-training, according to the agreement of the parties.
  4. Provide volunteers with the material and resources necessary for their participation in the Event.
  5. Certify each volunteer participant individually, the training activities carried out and the particular activities carried out during the celebration of the Event, for the purposes of their recognition by the UA and the UMH in case of requesting it through the channels and regulations in force at the time of your application and processing of recognition.
  6. Indicate on the website of the Event, as well as in the promotional and dissemination materials, that both institutions agree through their representatives in this agreement, in a visible way the logos of both institutions as collaborating entities, as well as their motto #TalentoEnMovimiento for joint activations in social networks.