Activities in Alicante Meeting Port

Discover the great variety of activities we have ready for you

From the 28th to the 31st of March, Alicante will become the main focus of sport, leisure, culture and education thanks to Alicante Puerto de Encuentro.

During these four days, the Port of Alicante’s Race Village will offer a wide variety of activities paying homage to the sea and the city as the starting port for the World Sailing Tour.

The fundamental pillars of Alicante Puerto de Encuentro are social values. Solidarity, equality, sportsmanship and sustainability stand out in the activities on offer, which both adults and children will be able to enjoy by the Mediterranean Sea. Multiculturalism will be so present on a daily basis with a cultural parade, in which we will bring China to Alicante, discover the essence of African dances, or go into Arab and Oriental customs and dance to Brazilian rhythms.

From team and urban sports to workshops, shows, exhibitions, magic, music, storytelling and theatre, the Village will be filled with free options for all audiences.

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It’s time to discover the values of team sports. You can participate in any of them with their guided classes and witness their exhibitions. Which one do you want to try?

  • Football: With Hercules CF you can enter the world of football and be one of the players on the team.

  • Basketball: Club Baloncesto Lucentum Alicante will guide classes in which they will also explain what are the keys in this sport.

  • Handball: thanks to the Club Deportivo Agustinos you will be better in this sport.

  • Karate: Club Shotokan will guide you in this traditional martial art from the Ryukyu Islands.

  • Table tennis: in teams or in couple, ASSA Alicante will help you to enjoy this sport.

  • Gym: You can also enjoy of lots of classes guided by Holiday Gym.


BMX pirouettes, skate jumps in a skate park, slackline or parkour will be some of the activities that give life to the urban sport area installed in the docks of the Alicante marina.

  • Skate

  • Parkour

  • Slackline

You can also enjoy a Multi-Adventure Park where, through a circuit, participants will overcome different objects and tests until they reach the goal.

The youngest ones (<4 years old), will have a Minigolf where they will discover the details and values of this sport.

Other activities


BMX pirouettes, skate jumps in a skate park, slackline or parkour will be some of the activities that give life to the urban sport area installed in the docks of the Alicante marina.

  • Street music: Borja Catanesi, the Valencian chosen as the best street musician in the world, will be in Alicante Puerto de Encuentro every day to perform.

  • Magic, Nautical Theatre, Storytelling and Clowns: adults and children will enjoy these activities throughout the four days.

  • Thematic parades: multicultural rhythms come together through Chinese, African, Arab and Brazilian dance.


Throughout the days of celebration of Alicante Puerto de Encuentro, in the Race Village and its surroundings, you will be able to witness multiple exhibitions in which you can learn a little more about our history and also about the space in which we live.

  • “The Ocean Cleanup”, a project that aims to eliminate plastic from the sea and thus claim the importance of building a sustainable environment. This unique cleaning system reduces plastics in water bodies and eliminates 250,000 tons that inhabit the marine ecosystem.

  • The Nao Victoria, a replica of the first ship that sailed around the world between 1519 and 1522, will be one of the great attractions of this event. You can visit inside and learn about the history of the ship of Magallanes and Juan Sebastian Elcano.


In Alicante Puerto de Encuentro we will also find “El Mar como Despensa”, a gastronomy tent that will gather a wide variety of activities for all publics. As well as being able to cook different dishes, attendees will be introduced to products with designation of origin and will enjoy the culinary skills of well-known personalities in the Valencian Community.

Among the children’s workshops we find:

  • We make sponge cake: in addition to learning how to bake, you will learn about the conscious use of sugars and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.

  • Planet Garden: children will learn to plant their own fruits and vegetables and will know the importance of organic foods.

For the adults, we have:

  • Sushi workshop: in which, in addition, a Japanese chef will surprise with his culinary show.

  • Ceviche workshop: with which the marinated meat and its citrus dressing will delight all participants.

  • Mellow and dry rice workshop: highlighting one of the star ingredients of the Mediterranean as it is the rice.

In addition, prestigious chefs such as Susi Díaz, Paco Torreblanca, Ferdinando Bernardi, María José San Román, Santi Gómez and Jorge Moreno Voraz will also be present in Alicante Puerto de Encuentro with different workshops and culinary shows where each of their specialities will be highlighted.



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