The Company Proyectos Temáticos de la Comunidad Valenciana, S.A.U (SPTCV) , a public company dependent on the Generalitat, was constituted in December 1996 as an instrumental mercantile company to support public action, and its aim is to promote and encourage the construction and operation of those tourist and leisure, cultural, sports, industrial and/or tertiary projects which, within the scope of the Comunitat Valenciana, are promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana and in which, among others, educational, cultural, sports, leisure, assistance, administrative and equipment activities are developed which are necessary for their correct operation.

The SPTCV is the instrument through which the Generalitat Valenciana has reached the corresponding agreements for Alicante to become the Starting Port for the Round-the-World Sailing Tour, and permanent headquarters for the organization of this regatta, as well as the Round-the-World Sailing Museum.