As the port of departure for the next two editions of The Ocean Race, Alicante will host the best sailors and teams in the world for the fifth consecutive time (since 2008-09).

With the race venue located in the Port of Alicante, along with The Ocean Race Museum, the partnership between the event and the city is stronger than ever.



During the Yacht Racing Forum held this week in Bilbao, Rufino Selva, Deputy Director of the Community of Valencia’s Thematic Projects Society, spoke about the impact that The Ocean Race has had in the region on key issues such as the economy, employment, infrastructure, the promotion of sailing and water sports, tourism as well as sustainability and the environment.

“The Ocean Race brings many positive factors to Alicante, to the Valencia Region and to all of Spain, among which the positive effect of 96 million euros on the national GDP stands out”, said Rufino Selva. “It’s important to note that in each edition of the race we see that the numbers continue to grow”.

Antonio Rodes, general director of the Society of Thematic Projects of the Community of Valencia, highlights the interest that the Council of the Generalitat Valenciana has placed in the permanence of this event, which is an extraordinary showcase of the great potential that the Community has.

Rodes also states that “the figures recorded in the last edition, held in 2017, made it clear that this sporting event is a pole of attraction for all types of audiences and offers visitors the opportunity to learn the nuances that our territory has at the tourist, economic, cultural and sporting level.

On the other hand, Rodes argues that “like the previous one, it will once again be a call impregnated with values on which a program oriented to all ages and with a great diversity of leisure offerings will be built”. With regard to the changes, which “give even more power to the sporting event”, he points out that “in this way the public will have more days to experience the essence of The Ocean Race, and Alicante will enjoy the potential of this event for a longer period of time, a fact that we are sure will contribute positively to the city both on a tourist and economic level”.

For The Ocean Race, the partnership with Alicante has given the race a stable base for a decade.

“This month marks the tenth anniversary since The Ocean Race moved from its original home on the south coast of England to what has become our base of operations in Spain,” said Johan Salén, Managing Director of the event. “We are now established in the local community and are proud that Alicante is the home of The Ocean Race”

The Ocean Race will start from Alicante in the fourth quarter of 2021 and finish in Genoa (Italy) in June 2022. The complete route of the race will be confirmed in the coming weeks.