The gaming area, gastronomy exhibitions and events related to historical memory are the focus of attention for those attending the Race Village.

Alicante Puerto de Encuentro is already a reality that shows its splendour to the thousands of people who gathered yesterday in the port area. The Race Village has opened its doors to four days full of entertainment, culture, nautical sports, gastronomy, shows and concerts with the aim of highlighting the union that Alicante and the Round-the-World Sailing Tour have had since the capital has been leading the start of this great sporting event for more than a decade.

The almost 2,000 schoolchildren who took part in the first day of Alicante Puerto de Encuentro were the first to enjoy the wide range of activities that dress the Alicante marina docks in fun and learning. Primary and secondary school students took a tour through which they learned various concepts of the nautical world, the sustainability of seas and oceans and the importance of safety on board. They have also enjoyed the different sports that can be practiced in the Race Village, among which handball, karate, basketball or football stand out, a discipline in which the lower categories of the Hercules CF have also played a leading role. The adrenaline of the little ones has risen in the urban sports area and the multi-adventure park.
But without a doubt, the highlight of this visit has been the gaming tent, an area of more than 1,000 square meters in which students have enjoyed an educational talk by Fernando Carrión of the Cercle Valencià dels Videojocs, who explained to the audience the magnitude and presence of the digital environment in all areas of daily life. In addition, students, teachers and tutors from educational centers in Alicante, have participated and enjoyed all the areas available in the gaming-sports tents, among which the competitions in the area of Just Dance, where fans have shown their skills with the dance and their favorite choreography. In addition, they have been able to compete in the most fashionable games at the moment, such as League of Legends, Fornite, and enjoy a driving simulator area and VR (Virtual Reality) stands.

The afternoon started off in the Race Village with the sweet taste of Paco Torreblanca’s millefeuilles. The baker with the name of Alicante showed those present the art of this sweet that bears his name wherever it goes. The public has been able to learn how to make this cake and, above all, taste it. The gastronomy tent has also had name of Michelin Star, since in this day Susi Diaz has been the one in charge to put on the table the art of the alicantina gastronomy of the hand of the winners of the contest of plates of the CDT of Torrevieja.
The day has also been marked by the tribute that Alicante Capital of the Memory renders these days on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, since it was precisely on March 28th the day that the Stanbrook, the last ship of Republican exiles, departed from the port of Alicante. One of the most important events was the conference given by Julián Casanova, which was attended by the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, who took advantage of his stay at the Race Village to get to know the wide range of activities that make up Alicante Puerto de Encuentro, as well as to visit the exhibition dedicated to memory that occupies quay 10 in the port area.

The general director of the Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos, Antonio Rodes, highlighted “the great educational value of the range of activities on offer to all the schoolchildren who took part in the first morning at the Race Village and who learnt surrounded by entertainment, but above all by values, an essential premise of Alicante Puerto de Encuentro”. He also expressed his satisfaction with the number of people who attended the first day of the event, saying that “we were surprised by the number of people who attended as it was a working day, which shows that people want to live the event and be part of this great experience”.

Friday of youtubers
On Friday it is expected that the assistants to the gaming zone can enjoy throughout the morning the shows of two outstanding Youtubers like Anikilo and SpiukYT and the performance of TOBBALink, Pumuscor and Cacho01 during the afternoon. In addition, different educational talks will take place in the auditorium, one of which will show families how they can educate and control their children’s access to technology and specifically to the world of video games. Various FIFA 19 Zone PS4 and Brawl Stars tournaments will also take place. Finally, it is worth mentioning that throughout the day different educational centres in the province will continue to visit Alicante Puerto de Encuentro.