The second day of Aventura Júnior closes the fifth edition of the school program with more than 1,600 participating students from all over the province

Alicante Puerto de Encuentro closed its second day with great feelings from the visiting public. Groups of schoolchildren from different parts of the province enjoyed a wide range of activities full of values. Sustainability, solidarity and teamwork were some of the premises that the youngest visitors were able to grasp with the programme offered. They have also been able to learn advice on a healthy diet and learn to cook small sweets. The technological revolution has also been a fundamental pillar in this educational cycle. To do this, visitors have stopped at the gaming area where they have been able to enjoy and learn about the educational side of this type of entertainment through educational talks.

The youtubers have made their appearance in the Race Village and have managed to revolutionize the entire youth audience. Anikilo, SpiukYT, TOBBALink, Pumuscor and Cacho01, have been the first to set foot in the gaming area of Alicante Puerto de Encuentro, their skills in the main video games of the moment have impressed those who have been cited in the stalls of the auditorium and have opened mouths for the shows that will star tomorrow. DjMaRiiO will be the main attraction on Saturday and will be the one to teach the youngsters their FIFA skills.

The gastronomic area has been starring the chef of the restaurant “Orobianco” in Calpe, Ferdinando Bernardi. The Michelin Star has shown the public the secret of pasta and its most succulent recipes. He also offered some advice on how to put it into practice in everyday recipes. The change of gastronomic culture has been led by the ‘sushi’, the workshop offered in the gastronomic space has shown the most accessible tricks for anyone to make this food so fashionable in recent times. On the third day of “The Sea as a Pantry”, María José San Román will be in charge of showing the essence of oil to all visitors and discovering the greatest secrets about this jewel of a kitchen.

The Ocean Race Museum has hosted the presentation “Cities Without Plastics”, a meeting to address the environmental problems caused by plastics with their abundant presence in the seas and oceans, as well as in everyday life. An appointment to talk about the future and to worry about the sustainability of the planet, a very important problem that has been shown in the Race Village as a premise.

Nautical sport goes into action

The Sailing Federation of the Valencian Community has taken advantage of the Alicante Puerto de Encuentro event to hold the “Sailing Gala”. This is an event that rewards the most renowned sportsmen and women in nautical sports; names that are a reference point for this sport in the Comunitat Valenciana and that make history wherever they go.

The nautical competitions will start at the Race Village on Saturday morning. On the coast of Alicante you can enjoy the Autonomous Cruise Championship, which will bring together more than 40 boats in its waters. The second championship that Alicante Puerto de Encuentro will host will be the Optimist Teams Championship. This event, which will be attended by between eight and twelve clubs from the Valencian Community, will be held in the water of the Port of Alicante. This second nautical battle will show the skills of the youngest and will highlight the promising future of this sport.

On pier 14 of the Alicante marina it will also be possible to enjoy “Battlle of the Sup” an event dedicated to the SUP competition organized by Blue Valley Watersports, allowing national and international sportsmen and women of any category to participate in the first official event of the “SUP RACE FESURFING 2019” Spanish Cup as well as the “SUP SPEED FESURFING 2019” Spanish Cup, both of which can be scored with up to 1000 points.

The general director of Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos, Antonio Rodes, has indicated that “these two nautical events show that the essence of this event is the sport of sailing and that Alicante is already completely linked to this discipline which has made the name of the Comunitat Valenciana travel around the world”.

Change in the concerts

Due to health reasons affecting the singer David Summers ‘Hombres G’ will not perform in the concert scheduled for Saturday 30th March at 9pm in the Alicante Puerto de Encuentro venue. Instead, the well-known group La Unión will perform, with its vocalist Rafa Sánchez at the head, at the same time and after the performance by Blas Cantó, as scheduled. Those who decide to attend the concert of La Union may use the same tickets they have previously purchased for Hombres G.

For their part, those who choose not to attend the performance of The Union will automatically receive, as of Tuesday, a deposit for the full amount of the entry in the account or card with which they previously paid their locality.