Mapa Alicante Puerto de Encuentro

Piers 10, 12 and 14 will host a wide range of programmes aimed at all audiences that will be active throughout the four days of the event

Alicante Puerto de Encuentro opens its doors for four days of entertainment, education and culture. Four days in which the Race Village will come to life and give free rein to the wide range of activities that will take place on quays 10, 12 and 14 of the Alicante marina. Sports, workshops, games, concerts, street performances, exhibitions, nautical activities and gastronomy bring Alicante Puerto de Encuentro 2019 to life. An event that aims to close the cycle of activities that formed part of the Round the World Sailing Tour start in October 2017 and to start the discount time for the next start in 2021.

The entire programme of activities that will take place from 28th to 31st March is structured under a wide range of values, including solidarity, sustainability, equality, sportsmanship, teamwork, vital tools in daily life and which will be very much present on each day of the event.

Opening day

On the first day of the event, the doors of the Race Village will open at 10:00 am, at which time the three piers of the Alicante marina will kick off and start each of the activities. In the morning, the circuit of activities that gives its name to Alicante Aventura Junior will receive dozens of schoolchildren from the province who will be able to enjoy the workshop area, the gaming area or nautical activities. During the entertainment circuit that is planned within this program, education and fun are combined so that the schoolchildren remember their stay in the Village.

The sports area will also be open to the public so that visitors can practice the different disciplines in a free or guided way at the different times offered within the programme. In the offer of shows, the docks will be converted into an open-air stage where you can see urban art, enjoy the theatre or live music, as well as be impressed by the magic demonstrations that will take place throughout the day. You can also visit the sea rescue ship ‘Sar Mesana’, the navy ship ‘Patrullero Alboran’ and the ‘Nao Victoria’, three elements that represent the close relationship that this event has with the sea and water sports.

In the gastronomy area, “The sea as a pantry”, you will be able to enjoy several children’s cooking workshops, as well as two magnificent exhibitions by Paco Torreblanca and Susi Díaz. The famous pastry chef will surprise those present with his famous millefeuilles, sweets that will leave no one indifferent. Then, the Michelin Star Susi Diaz, will sponsor the demonstration that will carry out the winners of the contest of the CDT of Torrevieja. In short, this space will show the public the relevance of the Mediterranean diet, its products and main figures of the kitchen, ingredients that carry the name of the Comunitat Valenciana wherever they go.

The gaming area will also offer various educational activities for schoolchildren and will have at the disposal of visitors the freegaming area, in which all attendees will be able to enjoy the most cutting-edge video games of the moment. In addition, as part of the programme for Alicante 2019, the Capital of Historical Memory, on the first afternoon of the day those present will be able to enjoy various presentations, including one by Julián Casanova.

As the director of the Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos, Antonio Rodes, points out, “the first day marks the beginning of months of work in which this programme has been put together to attract a large number of people of all ages and to demonstrate once again that Alicante and the Round the World Sailing Competition are now one and the same thing and bear the name of the Comunitat Valenciana”.